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CRC 125


Teaching suggested applications*

-         Identification and mapping of a refrigeration system with semi-hermetic compressor

-         Commissioning and verification of operation

-         Study of the basic concept of a refrigeration system with R 134a.

-         Study of the thermodynamic cycle on enthalpic diagram.

-         Simulation of failures on the refrigeration and electrical circuit and on the regulation.  (25 breakdowns)

-         Study of the different modes of relaxation.

-         Study of the coupling of evaporators - parallel.

-         Calculation of heat balances at the condenser, evaporator, theoretical and practical efficiencies.

-         Construction of the refrigeration cycle on state diagram.

-         Role and adjustment of constant pressure valves

-         Study of the oil circuit


The CRC125 trainer allows the simulation of failures on a refrigeration circuit. It is based on a commercial refrigeration installation with two evaporators and a semi-hermetic condensing unit. Students will begin by identifying the components of the circuit and understanding how the system works. They will then be able to put it into operation and check the operation using fixed instrumentation (pressure gauges and flow meters) and portable instrumentation (thermometer).


When the installation is in normal operation, the teacher can then cause electrical (through the screen) or fluidic (manual valves) failures. Students will then have to make a diagnosis using their findings and the instrumentation at their disposal.


In order to go further in the study of the installation, students will also be able to study the refrigeration cycle of the installation and calculate the powers involved.


The robust design of this equipment makes it perfectly suited for use in schools.

Its anodized aluminum structure on wheels gives it a very high robustness as well as a great flexibility of integration in your premises. The manufacture of this equipment meets the European Machinery Directive

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*Teaching suggested applications


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