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BCD 250


Teaching suggested applications*

-          Study of regular pressure losses

-          PVC piping of different diameter (DN15, DN25)

-          PVC piping smooth or rough of the same diameter

-          Methacrylate piping

-          Study of singular pressure losses

-          Elbows of different angles  (90°, 45°)

-          Singular pressure losses in a lock shield and Y valve

-          Different types of valves (bushel and needle)

-          Sudden increase in diameter (DN15 – DN25)

-          Sudden decrease in diameter  (DN25 – DN15)

-          Bernoulli’s theorem

-          Study of a venturi Plexiglas

-          Study of a plexiglas diaphragm

Verification of theorem Bernoulli’s


The bench principle is to study the pressure losses of the various piping components (elbows, fittings, valves and pipings). The bench can be connecting to the water supply bench UTL015 (optional) making it completely autonomous in water. The pump of the UTL015 draw water contained in a tank and sends into the hydraulic circuit of the BCD 250 including all the components and equipped with pressure measuring. Students will have to vary the flow of water by adjusting the speed of rotation of the pump for example and measure the pressure losses of the various components.  
The robust design of this device makes it suitable for use in schools.
The equipment is set up on an Anodized aluminium frame on casters wheels. This gives it great strength and a flexibility of integration into your premises.
The manufacture of this equipment complies with the European standard for machinery manufacturing.
This equipment can be used alone or with other compatible equipment from our range (see last section of this document).

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*Teaching suggested applications


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